"One of the joys of my ministry is mentoring young preachers. One such preacher is Brian Fossett. He has the undeniable call of God to preach and does it with great excitement and expectation. Expose your people to him. You will be blessed, I assure you."

Dr. Johnny Hunt
Senior Pastor
FBC Woodstock - Woodstock, Georgia

 "Brian Fossett has to be one of the most enthusiastic and excited evangelists in our country. Preaching and teaching with passion is all that Brian is about. There is no way one can sit under his voice and not be touched and moved by the Holy Spirit with conviction about winning the lost and bragging on Jesus every day. Brian will be very honest and straight forward in his preaching and teaching opportunities. There will be no doubt in anyone’s mind what the Gospel says about the responsibilities of a Believer and the consequences of one rejecting Jesus as Savior. I encourage you to have Brian in your church or conference as soon as possible because the days are short."

David Burton, Director
Evangelism Division
Florida Baptist Convention
Jacksonville, Florida

 "We recently had Brian come and lead our revival services with great success. If you are considering hosting a revival or discerning who will lead your services, I would encourage you to look no further than Brian Fossett. He is passionate for the lost, a man of integrity and anointed with the gift of evangelism."

Justin Hiens
Cornerstone Baptist Church
Greenville, Mississippi

 "Nothing excites me any more than to find a young preacher that I can trust to write a word of approval. One of these is Brian Fossett whom God has called to the office of evangelist. It is a joy for me to be a part of this man’s life and ministry. His zeal, love for souls and desire for revival makes him among the many yet a part of the few, whom God has set aside to bless pastors and churches. Every pastor would be blessed to have him in his church."

Bill Stafford

 "It was our pleasure to have Brian Fossett in revival at First Baptist - Fernandina Beach. Brian is a man who is unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. From the first words out of his mouth to the final amen, he stands for the truth of God's Word. I love Brian's uncompromising style and manner, his direct preaching style and the love in which the gospel is presented. His passion for seeing souls saved is contagious and will encourage any congregation. Brian Fossett has been used by God to touch our church and my life and I an eternally grateful to God for sending him our way. If you are praying for a man of God to come and preach the word of God with passion, enthusiasm and truth, I encourage you to give Brian the opportunity. You will not be disappointed."

Rev. Jeff Overton
Senior Pastor
FBC Fernandina Beach, Florida

 "One of the great priveleges of ministry is recognizing and ministering with those whom God has a special calling. Brian Fossett is such a man. Energy, humor, and passion are just a few of the words which can describe this deeply committed servant of God. His preaching is relevant and lives are being changed wherever he goes. I highly recommend Brian Fossett for your revival or conference. You and your people will be truly blessed to hear one of the great preachers of our time."

Roger Lipe
Senior Pastor
Central Baptist Church
Martin, Tennessee

 "I cannot say enough wonderful things about our recent experience with Brian Fossett. As was evident by those we saw saved and now baptized, the power of God was clearly upon him in his preaching. Our people loved him as well. His combination of humor and conviction in preaching connects well with the modern world. I wholeheartedly recommend Brian and his ministry to churches everywhere."

Dr. C. E. Jackson, III
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Lenoir City, Tennessee

  "I thank God that He is raising up a new generation of evangelists; and no one is more in the forefront of this new generation of evangelists than Brian Fossett. He is a powerful preacher and a passionate soul-winner. His personal testimony is compelling. His revived spirit is contagious. His ability to encourage pastors is invaluable. His messages are amazingly relevant, but unapologetically eternal. If your church is looking for someone to break up the fallow ground of complacency and ignite the fires of revival Brian Fossett just might be the evangelist you need to call."

Dr. Gerald Harris
The Christian Index

 "I wholeheartedly recommend Evangelist Brian Fossett to be used in your church. Brian preaches God’s Word with great excitement and authority. We have used Brian at Pine Level for two revival meetings and each time he has been a blessing to the church. We have seen numbers of people saved, we have seen the church revived and encouraged. Brian will be a blessing to the pastor and church alike. I believe in the office of the evangelist and I believe in the ministry of Brian Fossett. Our people love Brian and so do I!"

Jim Weaver
Senior Pastor
Pine Level Baptist Church
Cairo, Georgia

 "God is using Brian Fossett! I've had him preach several times and we have always had people respond to the gospel. He is an enthusiastic voice of truth for this generation. Brian is a good friend that I would recommend you expose your people to."

Chris Dixon
Senior Pastor
Liberty Baptist Church
Dublin, Georgia

  "It is with great excitement I recommend to you the ministry of Brian Fossett. Brian has a passion for souls, revival, the church, and the Kingdom of God. He will bring an excitement for Christ to your church or event. He is a man of integrity in his ministry and personal life. If you want to be encouraged and challenged & to see Jesus Christ uplifted, then I encourage you to call Brian."

Joel Southerland
Director of Evangelism
Georgia Baptist Convention

 "In a day when harvest evangelists are fast disappearing, Brian Fossett is a fresh breath of air. Passionate in his preaching and pleasant in his demeanor, he is a rich blessing to those churches who have a burning desire to reach the unsaved. Pastors would be wise to invite this good and gifted man of God."

Junior Hill

 "It has been my distinct privilege to know Brian Fossett now for a number of years and to observe his highly effective ministry of evangelism. I commend him to you as a faithful servant of Jesus Christ, a consistent preacher of the Word of God, an honorable and faithful husband and father, and a dedicated servant of Christ in the life of our convention. Brian has many gifts and abilities that can provide a great blessing for your church and for your ministry. I encourage you to consider Brian Fossett as you seek to focus your church upon evangelism and the ministry of God’s Word."

J. Robert White
Executive Director
Georgia Baptist Convention

 "Brian Fossett is a must for every pastor, people, and promoter of conferences! He is a walking container of energy who will bring a "new" future and momentum to your venue, church, and conference. He is seeing an unprecedented amount of change everywhere he ministers. He's the real thing!"

W. Shane Craven
Church Planter
Ringgold, Georgia

 "Passion, enthusiasm, conviction, commitment, wit…these and many other positive adjectives could be used to describe my friend Brian Fossett. When Brian described his call into vocational evangelism to me it was apparent by the passion in his voice and the look in his eye that he had encountered God. Years ago, in a step of faith, Brian left the successful business world to follow God in the pastorate. Now as he obediently enters this new realm of ministry, I encourage my pastor friends to use this man of God knowing that your people will be encouraged and souls will be saved."

Steve Hale

 "A dynamic preacher who speaks the Word of Truth mixed the amazing grace and mercy of God. Bold, Energetic, Enthusiastic describes the ministry of Brian Fossett. It is with great pride that I recommend Brian to you. Brian unapologetically loves God, the lost, the church, and is a pastor's friend. I encourage any pastor who wants to be encouraged, as well as see his church experience revival and see the lost saved, to prayerfully consider this great man of God. In all my years of ministry I have never experienced such anointed preaching as I have experienced with Brian Fossett."

Dr. Ernie Jones
Westside Baptist Church
Valdosta, Georgia

 "What I knew about Brian Fossett I learned from his brochure. What I know about him now is more than this paragraph can contain. I had been praying for many weeks about who to call for our 2006 revival. Although I could not get clarity in my heart, I kept going back to the brochure promoting Brian’s ministry. The prospect of inviting an evangelist I had never even heard preach before was scary, but I called him in faith. Not only was I not disappointed by Brian’s evangelistic skills, my church enthusiastically responded to every message and invitation. Their commitment to the future of Brian Fossett Ministries was evident by their generous love offering. I highly recommend Rev. Brian Fossett if you enjoy bold, simple and Gospel-centered revival preaching."

Dr Kim Grueser
Senior Pastor
Pittsburg Baptist Church
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

 "Brian is a man of God. He has a heart for evangelism. As long as I’ve known him, he has been committed to winning souls for Christ. I encourage you to invite him to your church or event."

J. Kie Bowman
Senior Pastor
Hyde Park Baptist Church - Austin, Texas

 It is with great expectation and anticipation that I commend to you the ministry of Brian Fossett. Brian has an evident passion for Christ and great enthusiasm as he spreads the good news of the Gospel. You will be blessed to have him minister to your people."

Jim Law
Sr. Associate Pastor
FBC Woodstock - Woodstock, Georgia

 "This is to confirm that Rev. Brian Fossett has come to Mayfair Baptist Church and completed as crusade in the Jerusalem Squatter Camp. He has shown a Godly enthusiasm as a soul-winner and has preached the Gospel of Christ with great effect. Truly an anointed servant with an obedient heart…his message has been relevant and a great harvest in both the camp and church has been reaped."

W.B. Dengler
Mayfair Baptist Church
Johannesburg, South Africa

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